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New Spanista Self Care Recipe, Rosemary Refresh Cooler


New Spanista Self Care Recipe, Rosemary Refresh Cooler. Rosemary Essential Oil from Aveda Salons. Fresh Rosemary sprigs from Whole Foods. Floral Towels by Donna Karan, a personal summer favorite from my seasonal collection. White bowl is a treasure from a Scandanavian Boutique. Fern Print from Crate and Barrel.

Dear Wellness Seekers,

New Spanista Self Care Recipe, Rosemary Refresh Cooler is created with one of natures gifts of the season – Rosemary, the superb rejuvenation herb. As the remaining days of summer draw near, it maybe time to enjoy a Spanista Self Care Recipe before it slips away. 

No matter where you plan to be for our last long weekend of summer perhaps you might enjoy partaking in one of my simple summer rituals to savor the moment by using the lush resources nature provides us – the natural fragrance of Rosemary. Certified Aromatherapist say it acts as a stimulant and has a unique tonifying effect.

It is designed for a late afternoon fancy and can be enjoyed anywhere really, but if you have a back porch with a favorite chair and pillows – all the better. But this can be done in an urban setting as well in the countryside. Suggestion – You may wish to get things organized in the morning to enjoy later in the day. Here is what you will need – most are things you have around you home. You will however need Rosemary in two forms as suggested in my menu plan below:

New Spanista Self Care Recipe, Rosemary Refresh Cooler

Easy Menu Preparation:

~ Fresh Rosemary sprigs broken into pieces (Found at farmers market or Whole Foods.)

~ Bottle of Rosemary pure essential oil (Found at Aveda Salons & Online or Whole Foods.)

~ A pretty medium size bowl

~ A big basen or bucket that you can fit two feet into comfortably

~ Three plush face cloths

~ A large fluffy towel or two

~ Large plastic ziplock bag

~ Small cooler of ice cubes

~ Very comfortable, peaceful place with chair to lay back yet be able to reach your feet and small table for your bowl, a drink, and perhaps an ipod/phone/earbuds for mood music.

The results blend into a rejuvenating experience  in two ways:

1. Rosemary Refresh Facial Cooler

2. Rosemary Refresh Foot Bath Cooler

Both offer a simple, relaxing and refreshing late summer indulgence you will remember fondly when winter sets in. Tomorrow I will share the fun and easy recipes for both Cooler Experiences. You can enjoy either of them alone, but combined they are a real chill-out in the days of intense summer heat some parts of the America are enduring.

Look forward to seeing your tomorrow for the Spanista Self Care Recipe, Rosemary Refresh Cooler. This introduction will give you an idea of what it will take to prepare – the rest is fun and easy especially if you make it attractive to the eye as well as the nose. When will you plan your Self Care Time this last weekend of Summer?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate







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