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Piquant French Inspired Journey To Joy


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Piquant French Inspired Journey to Joy suggests to play is to return to joy, our natural state of being. When you think of adult play all kinds of images surface in our minds – of course depending upon what you enjoy, Today I am highlighting the simple easy to access kind that does not cost a lot but returns great value in spirit.

When in Tampa, I have a favorite coffee spot – a French Cafe that is creating hand-crafted bakery right in their kitchen. It is called Piquant in Hyde Park. You can see and taste the love in every yummy offering. My French grandmother professed that bringing a bit of deliciousness into your day the French way is a part of experiencing the joy of life. She especially loved the charm of street cafe from her homeland. As she shared her philosophies when I was very a young girl I recall, to her, this daily experience was an expression of self care. A love of oneself. I would like to share her beliefs:

~ She believes it is playtime – if you are alone or engaging in conversation with a friend.

~ She believes the aromas and intimate conversation raises the senses.

~ She believes if we are aware of the moments in our daily lives they pass with a taste of sweetness that dilutes the bitterness life can dish out. It makes you feel alive and contributes to overall contentment.

~ She believes that French Pastries are worth every bite and that moderation of all eating was the key through our the day so you would not deny yourself these happy moments.

So today I have having my first cronut from the Piquant’s pastry chef’s talented hands. So yummy indeed!


Also, I eyed these lovely min-mouse desserts. This inspires me to call my friend Kathleen again to meet for a catch up hat and a treat soon.

So my time at Piquant is rich for many reasons because to me my Coffee Time is my Play Time Ritual. I do come to dream, ideate, create and enjoy the atmosphere and tastes.

Piquant French Inspired Journey to Joy has taught me that after devoted self care time at Piquant, I feel lighter and brighter. I am loving my journey to joy. Thank you Grand Mother for giving me this special sense of appreciation for the French Way. And Piquant is the real thing!

To Your Self care Journey To Joy,


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