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Part 3 Locale Market Offers Relaxed Refined Yummy Dining


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Part 3 Locale Market Offers Relaxed Refined Yummy Dining Level 2 where Farmhouse is a delightful escape from the mundane in St. Petersburg, Florida. Yesterday you read about Level One. Now let’s explore Level 2 of the Locale Market – an intimate bar area that is open, airy and full of light. Seating includes a large communal table,  round high tops and a cozy metallic framed bar area.  We opted for the bar and quickly noticed  we had arrived just in time to secure a spot before waves of people flowed in at mid-day.

The Farmhouse Bar serves a host of wine varietals, champagne, serious cocktails and select craft beers. It is brunch time on Saturday. Those thirsting for an enchanting class of rose or pink champagne now fashionable in select circles, would find it quenched well. Suddenly pink light sparkled in crystal glasses as the sunlight bounced off the window panes just right for a few fleeting moments. It was a magical moment. Where joy come alive right in front of your very eyes. It captured our attention and agreed it is a good omen.




We found our perfect spot at the corner of the bar – a preferred seating arrangement of my husbands for lunch. Spanista too was now enjoying my glass of rose as my hubby and I waited for our dishes. The menu is simple and full of flavorful offerings and refreshments. My selection was for a healthy, clean salad of kale and crispy quena with shaved parmesana and a light lemony dressing, garnished with a delicate red flower stealing the scene.

My hubby ordered a home crafted fettucine with a simple ground duck ragu also with shaved paramsana. He shared a sample which you see my serving dish.  Beautifully prepared, we indulged our senses with the aromas. I took a sip of my rose and we dived in for the first taste. Yum. The wine was the perfect complement to the delicate tastes of the salad. Silence on the part of my hubby – he was deeply engaged in the savory tastes of his pasta. All I could hear was the sinning of his pasta fork amidst happy chatter of couples around us. Happy was he, in his choice. He came up for air to engage again. We took our time while we observed the interesting clientele of all ages. Many coming to see the wine boutique pictured here as well as check out the chocolatiers.

We found we were well satiated after completing our dishes, but it was still fun to explore the colorful flavors of hand crafted chocolate pictured here. This location is killer – hard to resist.

We took a stroll around the Sundial shopping area as the weather was beautiful – in the low 70’s with clear blue skies. Then Spanista is off to the Dali Museum for a special exhibit.

More tomorrow on Dali from St. Petersburg!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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