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Seeking Happiness Within? Explore Spanista Philosophy Belief #2.jpegPINIMAGE

Happiness Handcrafted Card Discovered in Surf Coffee Shop-Laguna Beach, California

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Seeking Happiness Within? Explore Spanista Philosophy Belief #2. The quest for happiness – lasting happiness is within our control to achieve. Yes my friends,it really is.

It is a matter of reframing how we view our world. I like the analogy of putting on a new pair of designer sunglasses with special lenses. What makes these lenses different? They shift your perspective as they do not help you see the outside world better like traditional sunglasses. These lenses help you see your inner world.

If you saw my post on Spanista Belief #1 last week, (Click Living the Philosophy category) the idea will be to layer on Belief #2 this week. In the first of a series of 5 on Spanista Philosophy and Beliefs, I explored Belief #1 and encouraged you to spend some time reflecting on it. If you have made a conscious choice to explore ways to make YOU a priority going forward, good for you! Let us move on, shall we?

Here is Spanista Belief #2:  To achieve lasting happiness is ‘to be in touch with ones true nature’ by making a commitment to proactive Self Care.

The basis of this Spanista Belief is seeking happiness within by exploring your ‘Happy and Whole Zones’. This focuses on Self Awareness so will help you create an enlightening visual roadmap in a safe personal environment. Now lets put on those special Spanista sunglasses.

When you look into your inner world what do you see?

The next step is to reflect upon your sources of happiness. This centers on what makes you feel joyful. There is one consideration for this exercise. It is that your focus must be on YOU and you alone. You see, we often define our needs and joy through others. While this is an important facet to a fulfilling life, we often do this at the sacrifice of our emotional wellness – our deeper, personal desires get ignored for various reasons. This repeated behavior puts a callous on our real feelings. We need to get through layers of hurt we did not know we are creating in our hearts that affects our bodies because of this repeated behavior.

So this Belief is about being open and receptive to the messages your heart is sending you through your body – it is about suppressing the endless chatter of your mind to allow your heart of your heart get a word in!

Now with your special sunglasses in place, look inside yourself while exploring two Proactive Self Care questions I will ask you to reflect upon:

1. Define what makes you feel really happy?

2. What makes you feel really whole?

Begin to think about what are the simple things in your daily, weekly and monthly routine that can be shaped into enhanced Proactive Self Care?

Tomorrow I will offer thoughts on how to go more deeply into the ‘Happy and Whole Zones’ and mine the feelings that surface as they will carry us forward on The Self Care Journey To Joy.

I will be doing this same exercise this week – won’t you give it a go and join me? Look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Part 2 of Seeking Happiness Within? Explore Spanista Philosophy Belief #2.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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Spanista Is Crazy About Cactus Verde Roller Ball Fragrance PenPINIMAGE

Spansita Is Crazy About Cactus Verde Fragrance Pen from Anthropologie.
Art Deco Bracelet designed by Rachel Zoe from Neiman Marcus -Newport Beach, California.
Butteryfly China Tray is a gift from dear friend in Japan.
Victoria is my beloved piano.

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista is crazy about Cactus Verde Roller Fragrance Pen as it is perfect for a fragrance lover on the move. In yesterday’s post, I shared the first Spanista In Touch Tableau that will be a new series. It is created to inspire you to create your own personalized Home Spa Experience.

Yesterday, you may have noticed the Fragrance Pen featured in In Touch Tableau photo. It has an empowering saying on it – ‘Go be lovely’. Well, I am just crazy about these fragrances but in particular The Cactus Verde Collection from Anthropologie in this pic. Especially love the way the roller ball feels – a touch of cool sensuality streams on my skin so easily – where ever I want it. I discovered having this fragrance pen at one’s fingertips can really boost a mood. When feeling a bit depleted, if I reach for it – rolling it on it immediately changes things – I inhale this awesome botanical blend and with three deep breaths I feel better. I close my eyes and take a minute to enjoy it. Suddenly, I am centered and feeling a boost of feminine strength – another level of calm and confidence to tackle what comes next.  It came to my aid at the Tampa airport Wednesday when we were told our flight would be delayed. Handy when you travel a lot.

I found this little gem at Anthropologie. It is part of a bath and body collection by the same name – Cactus Verde and comes in two other scents.The pilgramige from Tampa to Kansas City is a challenge for me because I need to prioritize what to take with me – of course this is a hair-raising experience because I love to have the right things with me where ever I go. Editing is essential but really hard. But this little treat is going with me because it travels so well and fits in any handbag. I can even pass through airport security with it!

A note about the piano. I will miss Victoria. She is named after my grandmother. (Yes, I named my piano.) I remember her in a hazy sort of way – just fleeting memories that for some reason. These images come  to me a mini black and white movie clips. You know the kind you see on TCM, which I love? I recall loving the way she smelled after she put on her perfume. Sadly I do not recall its name. There is a hint of it in the Cactus Verde scent. Funny how fragrances can stimulating memories long forgotten. She was born in French countryside and I can feel her spiritual influence throughout my lifetime.

Fragrance plays a big role in bringing me joy – hope you take the time to enjoy it too. It’s a simple pleasure that does so much to enhance your mood.

What is you favorite summer fragrance?

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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spanista-refelction-walk-butterfly-kc.jpegPINIMAGEspanista-refelction-walk-jasmine-kc.jpegPINIMAGEspanista-refelction-walk-bird-of-paradise-kc.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

The Spanista Reflection Walk this morning took on a different intention. You see, today is what we call Getaway Day to Kansas City. We are getting the last details in order with our home in Tampa, organizing and packing. There always seems like so much time to do these things and then the last day arrives and you think of more to do! View full post »

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Spanista Suggests A Short Guide To A Happy Life By Anna QuindlenPINIMAGE

‘A Short Guide To A Happy Life’ by Anna Quindlen available at Anthropologie.

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Have you read ‘A Short Guide To A Happy Life’ by Anna Quindlen?

Last Sunday Spanista took a minute to enjoy a little book of inspiration I picked up while taking a stroll through Anthropologie in Hyde Park Village. It is always such fun to meander through the beautiful vignettes in store – to touch, feel and smell the eclectic mix of merchandise as the creative stories are brought to life. So French inspired – from great room to kitchen to dining to bedroom and on to my favorites – The Bath and Boudoir. View full post »

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smell-the-roses-spansita-philosophyPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Take time to smell the roses my friend!

I took this shot on this morning’s Reflection Walk and had to share it with you. The freshness of a morning rain shower made for a beautiful wellness moment as I took time to smell the roses. The fragrance was intoxicating. To see the richness in living is to give ourself gifts – generous gifts of personal time – indulgent time to treat ourselves with honor. By focusing mind, body, heart on the moment we get in touch with our true nature. We were intended to feel happy and joyful as a way of life however, not just for fleeting moments. View full post »

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  • Kathleen - Very inspirational and thought provoking. The photo of the rose is spectacular Ginny!ReplyCancel

    • gshiver - Kathleen, So glad you enjoyed it! Nature is wonderful when we stop to really see it.
      Please come back for more. Hugs, GinnyReplyCancel