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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Happiness? Get In Touch With The Seasonal Rhythm of Life Spanista Style. It starts with introducing you to The Seasons of Spanista. This is an original, holistic “Body Meets Heart & Mind Concept” that leads the way in redefining and evolving the connection between Spa Services and Self-Care because it puts the power in your hands. You take control of your Self Care Experience based on your needs and expectations. Its creation is a breakthrough as the first Self Care Lifestyle approach to triangulate a connection between massage, mindfulness and mood to achieve true happiness, health and wellbeing . And even more healing potential lies in the deep untapped beauty of The Rhythm of the Seasons.

Welcome back friends. The role of the Seasons of Spanista is to gently reconnect us with the real world as through it, we can discover our true nature of joyful living. We are drawn to technology like bees to pollen spending most of our waking hours living in the virtual world – talking on mobile phones, texting, reading computer screens, watching movies online. The sore shoulders, the tension headaches and attention deficit disorder are direct outcomes but we often do not connect the two. When do we take time to smell the roses, light a candle to feel the warm glow, green grass between our toes, touch the rich garden soil, taste the salty sea spray in our faces, the crunch of leaves under our strolling feet? The seasons reawaken the senses – they have a direct neurological connection to our emotional reservoir – the seasons stimulate our deepest desires – awaken us.

For example, simply inhaling aromas from botanical essential oils drawn from a season’s herbs can shift your mood completely, while applying it therapeutically with massage can reconnect you to how your body really feels – can help open the flow that allows mind, body and heart to get in sync again. It helps you focus on the here and now, to be in the moment so your true nature of joy can reveal itself.

The Rhythm of the Seasons gives us many pleasurable gifts that affect the 5 senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Each season is unique as it allows us to take pause, to witness nature’s ways, to find parallels to our way of living and to feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. To see and reflect on the healing power and beauty in the outside world allows us to recognize beauty on the inside of us.

Connecting with the Seasons of Spanista can help you restore your equilibrium and wellbeing.

The Seasons of Spanista will tap into these gifts to guide us to nurturing a 100% Happy Heart. It is where East meets West, through focus on 4 meaningful themes and symbols of each season found in ancient Asian Culture. By cultivating an understanding of what happiness means to us along these 4 dimensions from seasons to season, year to year, over the arch of our lives, we unlock the key to a 100% Happy Heart over a lifetime. This is what embracing a commitment to practicing Self Care can do.

The Seasons of Spanista have valuable purpose to ponder:

Spring is a time to Dream
Summer is a time for Love
Autumn is a time for Peace
Winter is a time for Longevity

Moving forward I will share stories that explore The Seasons of Spanista through this lens with symbols that evoke the senses and draws upon the creative forces where East meets West.

The next post will begin to explore the splendors of Autumn and then the Spanista travel experience with my hubby and dear friends from Australia as we enjoyed California Wine Country.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


P.S. So glad to be reconnecting with you – please let me know how you like the new Spanista site. There are more changes coming soon – this is just the first step. Thanks for your patience during the update. Please remember to sign up for the Spanista Newsletter too.












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Spanista-Philosophy-Belief#4-Synchronicity-Through-Spa-Therapy.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Thank you for checking in. Just want you to know that my blog is being upgraded this week, so I will not be posting during this time. I am looking forward to sharing the new look next week.

But this week while I am traveling in California the site will be under construction. Really appreciate the early interest and support of Spanista.

By the way California Wine Country continues to amaze and delight. Much to share when the site if functioning at another level next week.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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Cali-Wine-Country.Bridge.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

California Here We Come! Spanista Visits Sonoma, Napa, San Francisco. We are leaving very early this Friday morning, so I am taking a moment late tonight to greet you with the latest from Spanista. I am so excited to make this trip with my wonderful hubby. We will arrive just in time to roll into the weekend at the many Wineries. It will be lovely to see the beautiful row upon row of luscious vines flowing over the gentle hills filled with jewel colored grapes ready for harvest. And of course to experience the farm to table cuisine that thrives in the valley. It is a happy place where the senses are fully awake to the season, the earth and its gifts – I feel so very alive there.

It is truly one of the best examples of the blessings of The Rhythm of the Seasons, Spanista Style.

We have reservations at Napa Culinary Institute’s, The Conservatory on Saturday night with a full menu of wine tasting to accompany the fabulous dinner menu. I have lunched at the Institute and it is grand fun. So dinner promises something extraordinary for us wine lovers.

This visit will be extra memorable because we are meeting very dear friends from Australia there to share the experience together. My dear lady friend has NEVER been there, so it will be a treat to show her and her wonderful husband our finest providers. I have enjoyed wine country Australian style and it is fantastic because they LOVE their wine too. So now it is my turn to share our wonderful world of The Grape. Remember the movie “Bottle Shock”? If you have not seen it yet please do  – California wines have certainly come of age since the 70’s. That’s Amor!

Then off to San Francisco where we plan take the city on from a different perspective than usual – so stay tuned. Off we go…..

What do you love about California Wine Country?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

P.S. Friends of Spanista – I will soon be upgrading my site so watch for the post on the details. Thanks for stopping by and do return.

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Dear Wellness Seeker,

Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa, Sweet Salt Air Story is this Thursday’s theme. I have been enjoying this late summer fiction book and am keen to read the last few pages as I look forward to my Self Care Ritual tonight. So with it as inspiration I created my Spanista In Touch Tableau.

How is this week going  for you? September can be a time of transition on many levels as we adjust to new routines as we say good-bye to summer. For me, this week is pushing me into new emotional territory as I explore the possibilities for Spanista, taking care of some major responsibilities on the home front and preparing for our trip. I can feel the stress building.

But tonight I seek the refuge of my Self Care Ritual – In Touch Thursday. This one will be simple yet purposeful with scent and light setting the mood. It will be a relaxing spa bath experience with Sweet Salt Air. As reading is primary means of therapy tonight I gather candles with fragrance notes of Salty Ocean Air to sooth the soul yet offer a hint of Autumn. The spa bath will carry just enough light so I can read in the glow of  candle light. Three candles will shine a romantic light that flickers in dancing shadows on the high walls. This scent is carried through with crystal sea salt bath beads and potpourri that were made by an artisan and discovered In Parkville. The layering of the Sweet Salt Air will be intensified and rise with the waves of steam from the spa bath surrounding me in the feeling of being right on the California Ocean Road. Sweet indeed. I include an Intention Card – ” Devine Wisdom Guides me.” Should my mind wander it helps me stay centered on what is important.

Once I am settled in I reach for Sweet Salt Air By Barbara Delinsky. Reading light fiction allows me to rest my left brain and fully escape. The two main women characters are long time friends that hit a rough patch in their relationship. The story unfolds as they meet various challenges that keep their lives intertwined dealing with past, present and the future. I fell in love with these gals – they are creative, real and flawed in an endearing sort of way which includes the men in their lives. As you may wish to read it (by the way Amazon has it ) I will share only one lesson in the book that speaks to me right now. The wise message is: “Aim High. Shoot High”. It is such a provocative life philosophy – it will be something I explore it as I get In Touch.

Books are a rich and inspiring resource for Spanista In Touch Self Care Rituals. I am looking forward to seeing what actually happens in the end of the book. So tonight is the night.

What was your favorite summer read?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spansita Founder & Self Care Advocate

Spanista In Touch Tableau Home Spa, Sea Salt StoryPINIMAGE

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Dear Wellness Seekers,

Laughter Heals Hearts, Thank You Joan Rivers From Spanista is my humble tribute to a woman who addressed life on her own terms by helping us see the truth through a humorous lens. This morning I want to call out that in the Wall Street Journal Leisure & Arts Section there is a featured piece titled, “An Appreciation, Joan Rivers (1933-2014)  Nothing but the Truth” written by Raymond Siller who was longtime head writer for “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. It is worth a moment to read as it no only helps one understand her talented contribution to the world it also gives us insight into her heart and the level of pain from her past she tapped into and transformed into something with a positive effect.

Yes, I loved Joan Rivers.

While I loved her for her cutting take on pop culture which kept her fresh and relevant, there was more I came to admire. Joan demonstrated a savvy strength that I was in awe of growing up which only increased in adult hood.  Strong women especially comedians stand out as super heroes to me. In my career in marketing, I had the pleasure of working with some of the top comedians and watching them close up for extended periods like Rosie O’Donnell, Penny Marshall and Catherine O’Hara, who I was impressed with the most.

They are complex characters that are drawn toward the desire to please others through the unique emotional trigger – LAUGHTER.  Such courage it takes to choose this path for life. They give us their gift and sometimes at a personal expense. Joan embraced her gifts and blessed us with her brand of humor. She new laughter could heal herself and others if we said the truth.

We were built with internal healing mechanisms and LAUGHTER is one blessings we do not stimulate often enough today. There are many medical cases now that reveal it is a powerful antidote to pain and promotes certain forms of healing. It is free for us to enjoy.

Lastly, Joan showed us it is OK to take care of yourself physically – to put yourself first so you can put your best foot forward to feel and be beautiful. This form of Self Care is simply the right thing to do for ourselves. Spanista agrees and thanks Joan for paving the way .

“Dear Joan, Spanista owes a bit of its heart and soul to you – you helped prove by your life well lived that Laughter Heals Hearts.  Hope to see you perform one day on the other side. Can only imagine what your take will be on heaven.”

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

P.S. You may also enjoy this on her official Good Bye Event in the WSJournal- “Funeral sends Joan Rivers off in the glitzy style she desired.”


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