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Mushroom Into Something


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Mushroom Into Something is a discovery I made on a Southwest Airlines flight from Orlando to Kansas City. I was sitting next to my new friend Zoey, who is going to be 11 on August 24th and we were talking about flying and how stressful it can be. (For her especially when she is flying alone – so I adopted her for the next two hours to help her ride go easier.) Zoey told me, ‘Once you are in the air it is fine but the take off’s can make your tummy feel like your dropping in mid air. That’s stressful!’ Isn’t she adorable?


To distract us we started paging through the Southwest Airlines Magazine until she found a sudoku puzzle and I came upon this great article about the power of mushrooms to combat stress. An emerging company called Dream Brands combines natural ingredients from mushrooms such as reishi, shitake, cordyceps, and maitake along with adaptogens, a class of herbal remedies help bodies cope with stress. Blending both herb and mushroom extracts to balance hormone levels, keeps us young, vibrant and healthy.
Through Mushroom Into Something, Dream Brands has created a simple, natural solution for managing cortisol levels and recharging the adrenal glands. Such products are welcome to  the world of Spanista.
Check out where you can learn more about how their offerings enhance our human experience by creating powerful connections points between nature and science, maturity and youth, men and women.  Their mission is particularly interesting. I especially find this statement one that resonates with me:
‘Life is a collection of moments and we want to help people engage in these moments longer……to get back your strength, stamina and desire without hormones or steroids. All founded on deep research and science knowledge and experience.’
My family always professed the health virtues of the magic mushroom – glad it is evolving into powerful new products with benefits. Maybe someday Zoey will benefit from the next generation of the magical mushroom too.
To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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