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Movie Lovers: Have You Seen Interstellar?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Movie Lovers: Are You Seeing Interstellar? By creator Christopher Nolan? If you have I am most interested in hearing your impressions – good or bad.

One of the unique characteristics of a Spanista Enthusiast is a curiosity about the depth of human emotions and how they play out to impact our lives over the short term and long term. How we process what is relevant and what is not.

Given Thanksgiving Weekend was full of family activity, come Sunday afternoon I was ready to kick back in our intimate library – now festively styled with our smallest Christmas tree glistening in the corner, my perky cup of Teavana Early Grey tea, to catch up on my reading ritual. My favorite is NYTimes and WSJournal Weekend and Sunday Editions which help me stay connected to New York happenings. Throughly enjoying a leisurely couple of hours of peaceful Self Care time, I was paging through The New York Times Weekend Arts Section when I was stopped in my tracks by a headline “Love Is the Most Powerful Thing In The Universe”.

Movie-Lovers:-Have-You-Seen-Interstellar-Headlines.jpegPINIMAGEAs I looked at what appeared to be a full-page ad for a new movie  the idea of it drew me – “Love is The Most Powerful Thing In The Universe”. The headline was followed up by a sub headline –  “Love and Gravity” by David Brooks. Seriously, the eloquent and inspired writing that followed was paragraphs long – SO UNLIKE the TYPICAL MOVIE LAUNCH AD which leans heavily on a formula – the iconic photo of the characters and lead actors that defines it. Once I absorbed the first three paragraphs I was so intrigued I read it not once, but twice. Through Mr. Brooks narrative, this movie found a voice that speaks volumes in the printed word – it moved beyond the mundane to another level of insight that made me lose time. It made me want to see the movie and learn more. From what I can surmise is Mr. Brooks wrote the narrative as a movie review that appeared in the Times on November 20,2014. The narrative so captured the essence of ‘Interstellar” and its potential influence on the world, the movie’s creators turned it into this marketing approach. Clever.The storyline centers around a concept called “Quantum Entanglement”.

To give you a flavor of the message here are quotes from Mr. Brooks about Interstellar: “Nolan wants us to see the magnetic force of these attachments(close human relationships): The way attachments can exert a gravitational pull on people who are separated by vast distances or even by death.Their attention is riveted by the beloved. They hunger for reunion.”

“These plotlines are generally based upon real science. The physicist Kip Thorne has a book out ” The Science of Interstellar”, explaining it all. But what matters in the movie is what science and emotion (and a really loud score) mingle to create a powerful mystical atmosphere. Nolan introduces the concept of quantum entanglement. That’s when two particles that have interacted with each other behave as even though they might be far apart. He then shows how people in LOVE display some of those same features. They react to the same things in the same way at he same time….”  More excerpts….

…….”Interstellar is important because amid all the culture wars between science and faith and science and the humanities the movie illustrates the real symbiosis between these realms. more it shows how modern science is influencing culture.” 

….…”But in an era of quantum entanglement and relativity, everything looks emergent and interconnected. Life looks less like a machine and more like endless complex patterns of waves and particles. Vast social engineering projects look less promising, because of the complexity, but webs of loving and meaningful relationships can do amazing good.”

Thank you Mr. Brooks – you certainly have captured my imagination. Maybe the books are a great place to start to better understand what this fascinating concept is all about? Feel like I need a foundation of understanding to really appreciate the depth of the movie – So read, then see the movie?

So, are you seeing Interstellar? Click for movie trailer on Youtube. Love to hear your thoughts.
May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Be Merry & Bright,


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