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Spanista In Touch Tableau Features Sonoma Lavender

Matanzas-Creek-Lavender-Stalks.jpegPINIMAGEMatanzas-Creek-Lavender-Spa-Spritz.jpegPINIMAGELavender-Spa-Spritz-Matanzas-Creek.jpegPINIMAGEMatanzas-Lavender-Foods.jpegPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Spanista In Touch Tableau Features Sonoma Lavender this week. You may recall from my post on Monday ‘Matanzas Creek Winery Delights Spanista’ one of the highlights was the unexpected Lavender Harvest and Market which beautifully compliments the Winery Experience. The Market proudly displays the harvest bouquets which are racked in the ceiling to ripen fully. Looking at them one can just imagine a sea of incandescent lavender rolling over the horizon of Matanzas Creek hillsides just a couple of weeks earlier. An artists interpretation is on display capturing the memorable view.

The essential oils primed from this crop is a key ingredient in several artisan products made on site with living hands. Lavender has long been enjoyed for its healing properties as an antibacterial, anti inflammatory, analgesic and sedative. If inhaled deeply it can help reduce tension and stress related symptoms such as headaches, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. It calms the central nervous system while in combination with another like peppermint acts as a stimulant as well as an antispasmodic. the combination of sedative and stimulant is a property found in many commercial pain relieving preparations. These are many of the challenges we face when traveling for business or pleasure – Lavender is natures gift to help us cope. It travels easily in small forms and has been a go to solution for me.

I so wanted to collect one of everything in lavender they offered due to my love of its charming country aesthetic – fragrance, skin enhancements, color, mood enhancer and romantic aura. But knowing I was traveling with limited ability to carry something so delicate as a ribboned stalk, so I chose the Mantanzas Creek Lavender Spa Spritz enjoy immediately and everyday while traveling, bath crystals and a petite travel candle that packed a huge scent. The Spa Spritz smells amazing so I find myself reaching for it when need a little lift!

So many delightful choices as you can see from the pictures. You can find a variety of the body products in the Mantanzas Creek Winery website which is now marked as one of my favorites. (Of course then there is the great wine too.)

Spanista Takeaway: Self Care is essential when traveling but unfortunately we often delay it for when we get home – by then cumulative effects have taken their toll. The time to Self Care is while you are traveling – something a simple as taking in Lavender scent in the evening before bedtime every night can take off the edge of the days stresses and help you restore while getting a good night sleep.

Something so small applied with intention and consistently can help you feel happy and confident.

Toy Your Self Care Journey To Joy,





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