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Enjoy A Reflection Walk In Tampa Bay, Spanista Style

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Dear Wellness Seekers,

A Spanista Reflection Walk is a Self Care Ritual I am devoted to daily . It is a 4 mile wellness excursion through a lovely area of South Tampa that is a true gem in the Bay local. I thought it would be fun to introduce you to this unique area through my eyes.

To give you a sense, this place is highly sought after for its quality of life and youthful spirit. It is perfectly nestled between a harbor city proper to the north that is home to Tampa University and infamous MacDill Air Force Base to the south, the acting control center for Operation Desert Storm. Due to the typography you are surrounded by miles of bay waters offering beautiful views with easy access to Florida’s western coastal beaches via three causeways over to Clearwater and St.Petersburg.

Everyday this Spanista walk starts in SoHo at lovely Bern’s Park Fountain. It is a joy to greet the Wine Maiden’s as I set my intentions for the day and stretch. I tune into Pandora which I love. Depending upon my intentions I pick from my play list of Ambient, Adel or Jazz. Today I tap in ‘Beyond the Moment’ by Patrick O’Hearn and step out on this tour with you in mind.

Along South Howard Street are the local flavors of independent restaurants and outdoor drinking establishments as this spot is well-known for its social scene. Influences include a unique blend of international culture with deep roots in Cuban and Italian fare. I walk past a couple of spots with a health consciousness focus and then come to the world-famous Bern’s Steakhouse. Variety here is key. Across the street is the new boutique Hotel they developed – Epicurean. It also features a the new Spa Evangeline. The first of its kind in South Tampa. I recently tried the restaurant which carries the traditions of Bern’s excellence in cuisine and wine. And am excited to share my views on the Spa too. More on these experiences later this week.

Now I head into Hyde Park with its historic neighborhoods. This residential area is well protected as the homes are true treasures of a time gone by – bungalows, arts and crafts along with southern structural charm. There is vegetation everywhere – lush and green. Home gardens are a point of pride for many. So everyday a devoted walker can come across stunning rose gardens, succulents and tropical varieties flourishing in a rage of color anytime of the year. There are several streets where stately architecture carries the grandness of any affluent area. That is the case along beautiful Bayshore Boulevard. I turn onto Bayshore at the half way mark after walking the shade covered streets with well cared for homes. Bayshore Boulevard offers 9 miles of sunny, uninterrupted walkway on inner Tampa Bay. This is a place loved by runners, bikers and walkers like me. Any time of day or night you will see people of all ages – the serious health enthusiast, the reflective walker or the casual site seer taking in the view.

This particular morning I came upon two moments of magic – I could not help but think they appeared because my intention is to share this Reflection Walk experience with you. The dolphins only come into Tampa Bay in the warmest months. As I have been out of the country the last few years during this time it was rare treat to see them again as they were happily feeding. They were a bit out of camera range – but I had to take a picture for you. As my walk takes a bend in the road, I am surprised to see a rainbow forming in the sky to the south. A spot storm had just moved through to give us this gift in the sky. The perfect way to end this Reflection Walk – inspired to take on the day.

This morning was truly a magical experience – you just never know what you’re going to get when you venture out into nature and really take time to see it through reflective eyes. So happy to share it with you

Hope you enjoyed this peek into my Spanista world.  Do you have any Reflective Rituals you would like to share?

To Your Journey To Joy,

Ginny Shiverdecker

Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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