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Introducing Spanista Self Care Values System Transition Rituals

Introducing Spanista Self Care Values System Transition Rituals.jpeg

 Dear Wellness Seekers,

Introducing Spanista Self Care Values System Transition Rituals. As Autumn color rides the winds of transition and the clock now brings darkness in early evening in many parts of the world, we feel an emotional  shift externally and internally. We shift our routines – hopefully mindfully.

With this our thoughts may begin to turn to treasuring the remaining time we have in 2014 – How will we use it wisely? Will we recall anything significant about it when we look back? Will we recall precious moments when we really felt cared for or felt true happiness?  Is it a truism, happy memories bring us joy. Perhaps the rest of the year can call for a change of heart wherein you take charge of your wellbeing and take a different path that serves you better? To seek inner happiness so in turn you can offer it to others?

This is especially important as the holidays unfold when preparations, travels and events can cause added pressure and stress. Will you be ready to cope with it well and make the most of  the time you spend with others – especially your loved ones?

One of my favorite quotes is:

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.

So let the light into your life. How? Take some time now to plan how YOU will take care of yourself over the next couple of months.

This is the focus of the Spanista Self Care Values System developed from personal experimentation over the past few years. I am active in Self Care and a frequent user of spa services so have learned much along that way that is the foundation of this system. And I am happy to share what I have learned with you.  The idea is to enjoy the Holiday Season more – to get more personal joy from this beautiful time of year.

The Spanista Self Care Values System is about taking responsibility for your wellbeing in a different way to begin your journey to joy. It’s about visualizing and embracing your value on your own terms. Spanista offers a three step guide is designed to help.  At this time of year the adopting self care RITUALS can offer healing for the mind body and heart. As a happy heart exudes love. here is Steps 1 of the 3 part guide –

I. Rituals – The Key Dimension of Your Journey:

  1. Start with you – begin a conversation with yourself about your potential to achieve real happiness. Explore getting in touch with your true nature through Self Care Rituals through a combination of possibilities that you enjoy at a spa and at home or while traveling.
  2. Prioritize your Self Care Itinerary of Experiences – establish the three things you will do each week, once a month and a milestone during the year ahead: Examples are Self Care Thursday’s, Weekend Reflective Reading & Writing, Tea Time, Monthly Massage and Destination Spa Vacation or the seasonally inspired Holiday Idea below.
  3. Create an inspiring atmosphere for generating a flow of positive energy with stylish inspiration which includes Rhythm of the Seasons to reconnect with the beauty and benefits natural world.

Here is a Self Care Ritual Idea for Holidays:

Let’s start with something simple. As the nights comes so early now, let’s make it work for us. Keep the lights off for a bit. Have you ever considered the significance of candles in your life? This time of year, for me, they become the symbol of the soul. When several are a glow in a room they play with the senses by offering comfort, warmth and scents of the season. 

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However, there is something more -if one takes time to consider the act of lighting candles as a personal ritual it can become quality self care time. Taking this one step further, you can set a mood that calls for a short time to take pause for 15 minutes, close your eyes and go inward and relax into yourself.  When I was a girl I was brought into the symbolic significance of candles as a spiritual practice. Today it is one of my favorite ways to enjoy self care time and celebrate the seasons. Get in touch with your body and how you feel and then release the tension around you body. To gain the most benefits do this several times a week at about the same time.  YOU DESERVE SELF CARE TIME!

This is Holiday Self Care RITUAL that is easy, affordable and enjoyable – welcome the the night with candle light to enrich your soul.

Thanks you for investing time to review my message.  Allow yourself time to reflect on it. I would love to hear what resonates with you.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,




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