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Part 2: New Wellness Mission Born In Spanista Lifestyle Blog

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Spanista Self Care Is A One Way Journey To Joy.

Welcome Back Wellness Seekers,

Thanks for returning for Part 2 of  my wellness mission story. Today I will share how Spanista Lifestyle Blog took meaningful shape on a notebook page I sketched on the day it blossomed in my heart. Looking back, it seems a higher power was working through me. I return to it regularly as a treasured reminder of the mission that came to me through that inspiring spa experience. Since then I invested time in researching, studying iconic voices and asking many people for their thoughts and feelings. In Part 1, I suggested that we deserve ‘more in life’….but what is ‘the more’ really all about?  To me it is about seeing ourselves through a new lens. It means embracing a new style of self awareness while addressing stress points to consider dealing with the effects. 

This led me to an insightful point of view. I believe that in this fast paced, complex world we all seek real human connection and comfort, however my revelation is we should prioritize our efforts differently . Because we focus most of our energy on others, thanks to all the new technologies we can stay engaged – we therefore lack a relationship with the most important person in our lives – ourselves. We suppress our hunger to know ourselves more deeply – To uncover the true wellspring to joyful living. To get in touch with ourselves – Open our vast resources within to help us live a richer life.

I suggest this should be a new priority for true wellbeing  – having a healthy relationship with ourselves!  Spanista recognizes this goes beyond physical wellness to deep emotional wellbeing.

For me, when I finally realigned my life to focus on time for self awareness to recognize and put my needs first, ritually with time devoted to regular message therapy, where ever I was in the world, the practice became a catalyst, something major shifted inside me in unbelievably good ways. I began to take charge of my self care experience. I got out of my mind and into my body to get in touch with my true feelings. For me the ritual of massage therapy helps me focus on what my body feels. It brings body, heart and mind  into the present. I move from being stressed, distracted and ‘out of touch’ to ‘in touch’ by really feeling in the moment.  For example, in one post massage deep reflection session, I was in a euphoric state of mind and a powerful thought occurred to me – Could others benefit from what I am experiencing? This amazing level of joy I feel, that carries me forward in a happier state of mind – helping me be who I was intended to be and in turn I express that to the world around me. Could this learning make a difference in others lives too?  

That is what inspired me to create Spanista as a Lifestyle Resource where anyone who is seeking a better way to wellbeing can come together around the themes of self care, spa culture, solutions and sharing experiences. Through my personal posts you will discover inspiration to become a Spanista too if you like and stage your own self  care journey to joy. You will discover ‘How to Self Care’ ideas and ways to explore Spa Culture through Spanista Values System – Reflections, Rituals and Resources. This includes ways to evaluate Spa Salons that go beyond basic reviews so you get more out of the experience. Or make your home a place for a Spa experience too. Over the last few months I have explored various ways to shape this platform and make it meaningful. Please take a moment check it out the Menu tab ‘Philosophy’. Plus as part of the conversation I will post on these topics and create more features with your encouragement matters to me.

 I welcome your thoughts on how to make this platform inspiring, fun and useful to you. We can all learn from each other – if you are experienced Spanista or not. Anyone can adopt many of these practices at home or take them on the road if you travel. Or begin a practice by selecting the right Spa Salon that understands what you want and need from your personal experience. Practicing the Spanista Lifestyle is what I do to stay in touch and keep the positive feeling of joy alive.

If the spirit calls you and you want to learn more, won’t you join me to begin your personal Spanista Self Care Journey To Joy by signing up for my posts? And please share this with your friends too. With your help we can watch community evolve. Thank you again for stopping by for Part 2. Stay tuned for my next post. 

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,

Ginny Shiverdecker

Spanista Founder & Self Care Advocate

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