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Into Africa Day 5: Spanista Tours Askikuma’s First Abod Medical Clinic


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Into Africa Day 5: Spanista Tours Askikuma’s First Abod Medical Clinic at the days start filling me with hope for mankind moving into the future. This Clinic is a humble start but ever so much more than existed a couple of years ago which was nothing. There are so many children here who go without basic health care. What is really worrisome is the children and women who live on what I call the fringe here are at risk and there are many of them. They are plagued by more than unwelcome disease, they live in the shadows of something just as threatening and that is deep rooted beliefs in voodo curses and the witch doctors potions. Seeding the positive effects of medicine and health care providers and hospitals require a mindset shift that is not easy to overcome.

The good news is there has been progress in this poor land for educated midwifery. Right now the common practice is for babies to be born in the home. Of course given the floors are mud and there is only cold water from the shared wells the conditions are not the most sanitary. Fortunately, the tribal leaders blessed the idea of a medical clinic for the purpose of protecting their future generations.


The Asikuma Medical Clinic had a very slow start until a devoted couple Doug & Dawn Vander Weide came to register the families for health care – and eventually there came a government health care insurance that pays for many treatments now. That has encouraged the locals to seek treatment from a very capable nurse who works 6 days a week at the facility. She indicated in the month of July they treated 131 patients. A very positive trend indeed compared to a couple of months ago. There are many stories of children who go without treatment only to become handicapped in some way for life – one child lost site in one eye with out proper care and another had to have his leg amputated and almost died. Because he was finally taken to hospital he is alive today. These are true stories of children with Moms’ and Dad’s who do not know any better than their tribal ways. Ghana is just beginning to wake up to the possibilities of brighter days ahead for its people.

A wonderful addition the the Clinic is the new AbodShelter Birthing Wards. They appear modern and forward looking as you arrive at the clinic. Clean and equipped with the basics along with a proper sink area with running water at hand that can be properly heated means sterilization is possible. This is huge leap forward here. The two buildings stand end to end. Together they can hold four pregnant women in labor. This experience offers the expecting Mother a great deal of privacy as well for herself and her baby.  A far better way to come into the world for a little angel. Hopefully this fresh atmosphere bodes well for the littles ones future who come into the world here. Even the little goats who graze the neighborhood are curious to see the new arrivals. Could not resist taking a pic to share with you. They are roaming everywhere here and a main source of edible protein.


Into Africa Day 5: Spanista Tours Askikuma’s First Abod Medical Clinic is wonderful to see. Once again, it puts me on my knees with humility and gratitude for the many advancements we have in the developed world. This is a basic step forward but a good one. It is rewarding to see the AbodShelters being adapted in so many useful ways especially because it can be built in a day and lasts a lifetime and beyond. So much more can be done for people requiring a proper modern, sustainable structure that is so affordable.

It is only limited by the imagination – that is why our Foundation is now looking toward building The AbodShelters Village of The Future. Won’t you help me spread the word? Please join me later this week for another chapter of AbodShelters African Adventure.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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