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Hutchinson Island Reflection Walk Offers Summer Chill Pill


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Hutchinson Island Reflection Walk Offers Summer Chill Pill invites you to down shift and slow down the pace of life with Spanista for a few moments. Hopefully many of you found time to change the crazy pace of things this weekend. Spanista wants to know – did you find time to make your Self Care a priority?

Season’s of Spanista focuses in on finding and embracing the virtues in the Rythym of the Seasons. Summer was meant to be ruled by the sun and sand –  splashing surf of wallowing waders, By backyard patio’s of laughing people – By hammocks of happy splendor, By gardens of colorful growing splendor – Can you hear it calling you?

Summer was meant to slow down your mind and body long enough for your soul to catch up! But sometimes it helps to be very selective about your location to achieve the desired effect. It helps to be clear in your mind about what the desired affect on your phsyce is so you can RELAX.

For a few weeks we have chosen Hutchinson Island, Florida – the south end to escape and enjoy the splendors of beach and resort life. This is off season here so the peace and serenity it brings is unsurpassed on the coast. We are at a Marriott Resort that touches SailFish Point. The simplicity appeals to true beach lovers.

Here are three discoveries:

1. The Dunes are worthy of enjoying — these people respect natures offerings as they just want to quietly hand out and enjoy the views of the surf.


2. The Drive’s on Causeways and Coastlines are wonders where even you turn.


3. The Duck Family is a study in mindfulness and peace.


Hutchinson Island Reflection Walk Offers Summer Chill Pill is to remind us that we need to get off the summer social treadmill and take time to recharge with at a place of peacefulness. May this be a summer of wonderful ways to cath your breath and recharge.

Where is your favorite place to recharge over the summer?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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