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Happy New Year Wellness Seekers From Spanista






Happy New Year Wellness Seekers From Spanista!

This is a wonderful day to spend enjoying things you love most. The Spanista Philosophy encourages us to reevaluate our happiness needs with the arrival of every new season. At this time of year I unify the arrival of Winter Equinox and the launch of the New Year into one reassessment time – A time for New Beginnings.

To welcome the New Years, I ease into the first day of the year without any pressure to have all the answers. So it starts with simply asking the right questions to open up my mind to take stock of the moment. Especially beneficial is to engage in a conversation with your significant other as your primary partner relationship – husband, wife or life partner can have an impact on the quality of our lives. As relationships are always changing and complicated it is great to seek alignment on fey themes in the partnership.

Our New Year’s Day Ritual is to enjoy a long leisurely champagne brunch with my husband – just the two of us spend time reminiscing about the good moments of the past year; we explore ideas on what we want to experience together in the upcoming year like things we want to do together as a couple and as a bigger family; and share notions on personal goals and how we can offer each other mutual support.

With the learnings and ideas of this day I move on to an assessment on a personal level, however, I give myself time to take is slowly day by day. My goal is to have my Self Care Lifestyle Plan thought through by Valentine’s Day where in I have established my intentions and journey to joy lifestyle priorities set. More on that in a future post.

Let’s return to our tradition of New Year’s Brunch for 2015 at the Marriott Historic Grand Hotel in Point Clear. The buffet presentation was one of a kind indeed. The picture here shows the fantastical ginger bread miniature rendition of the entire Grand Hotel Estate that is the focal point.  The fresh crab omelette was to die for as was surrounded with southern style sides, salads, pastries, breads and much more. We were seated at a lovely water front table. Too bad  the dense marine layer prevented us from enjoying full view of the bay. None the less we enjoyed or time together, thankful for this new experience together to set a positive tone for the year ahead with the help of focused time to talk.

After brunch we set out of a bike ride around the property with the free bikes they provide guests. The fresh air felt great as did the exercise. Bothe so welcomed. After the ride we headed back to the main Hotel for refreshment and discovered Bucky!


Around the central fireplace is affable wait staff  offering guests a free glass of  famous Bucky Punch! Part of the historical lore is the story of Bucky the longtime Hospitality Ambassador who posesed a charm and wit that warmed visitor’s hearts – president’s, dignetaries, celebrities and everyday folks were all treated with his special warmth. He  set the tone over his domain – the bar room and large patioarea which over looks the back lawn and the beautiful shoreline. As you can see his reign at the hotel is legendary.

Such unique personalities who enhance the reputation of a service establishment like this are to be honored as Bucky clearly was – treasured by so many. This statue and awards prove he left his legacy by simply who he choose to be – happy with life!

Toasting with Bucky’s special punch is a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year with New Beginnings. A fresh start is a blessing – a chance to live the life of our dreams and take steps to do so if we put of happiness first.  Bucky left his mark on me too juts by knowing his story.

More to Share on The Grand Hotel experience tomorrow.

May 2015 Enhance Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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