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Good News Monday: Revive Your Bedroom Revives Your Spirit


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Revive Your Bedroom Revives Your Spirit sets this New Year off to a fresh start that is creative and ever so personal. As Spanista just moved from the west coast to the east coast of Florida right before the holidays, setting the right atmosphere in my home is top of mind. With the moving truck at the front door, the main priority was to get the furniture in place. Then get the Christmas tree up and as much of the holiday decor in place that my energy could muster given the holiday was just days away. I have a tradition of putting up my decor the first week of November (Not this year!) and taking it down the first week January. Today I completed the later task. But as I was taking down the bedroom holiday decor it struck me of the important role my bedroom plays in creating joyful living. My bedroom has been my refuge. I no longer have a fireplace to set the mood. But now I had a new canvas by which to create a personal oasis I could fall in love with all over again. Especially in this new Treasure Coast environment.

I looked around the new space seeing it with new eyes. I began to wonder how I couldGood-News-Monday:-Revive-Your-Bedroom-Revives-Your-Spirit-3.jpegPINIMAGE enhance this special living and sleeping space to be the haven of relaxation I wanted it to be. When I paused get into my Spanista Mode -breathing in  while asking reflective questions the inspiration started to flow! I have enjoying living in the Florida lifestyle as I was also working somewhere else like New York City but I had never truly indulged in the chic coastal style. But now that I am living seaside and have come to walk the beaches regularly coming to enjoy simple pleasures like shell picking early in the morning and the ever-changing colors of the surf, I am coming to realize the unique, powerful personality of the Atlantic Ocean! I feel its incredible energy in ways I did not living on the gulf. I am now smitten with the colors of the sea found in Coastal Living Magazine – the shades of aqua, sea glass  green and blue. The sudden rich reds of coral that emerge on the sand – rare indeed making these finds ever so precious.Good-News-Monday:-Revive-Your-Bedroom-Revives-Your-Spirit-1.jpegPINIMAGE

Looking out the windows of the bedroom I see the Caribbean waters of our own back yard pool. Could the colors be brought into this room – extending  the aqua waters and pool tile colors through the window into the room – unifying the relaxing feeling of the pool?

Here is the Revive Your Bedroom Agenda:

  1. Exploring this theme around bedding and to my delight am discovering many options. I am seeking soothing, romantic design that come alive in rich textured cotton that breathes in these warm tropical temperatures. I took a trip to local stores to see what I could find. What do you think of these pics/
  2. Planning for relaxing seating that allows for comfortable reading space or lounging quietly while over looking the pool ripples and the swaying of the palm trees.
  3. The wall art that stirs the soul and feeds the heart to be very personal choices. This of course includes places for my favorite books!

Good News Monday: Revive Your Bedroom Revives Your Spirit has set me out on a mission that bring me joys right form the first stage of planning and will for months to come.

Where should I shop for beautiful design – or should I do a custom design solution?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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