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Good News Monday: Faith Versus Facts Trigger Vast Differences

 Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Faith Versus Facts Differences  starting the week with the right state of mind is essential for optimizing the experience you have.  So many of us focus our preparation time on work goals and family tasks. Spanista believes however there is a more insightful way of view the way to enjoy the time ahead.

Today headlines abound on the internet of things and the data analysis that flows forward from the facts. The facts are touted by large corporations are the answer to everything. For example, IBM’s Watson can do more than any human being by analyzing tons of data to provide the facts will predict the future behavior of society. You have heard the expression the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE – Now it feels like it should say the FACTS SHALL SET YOU FREE.

It seems we are missing a vital human dimension in this picture – we need the human element to make decisions and put things into motion – that is how to experience a richer life on another level. If you are curious how then read on!

Sunday I came upon an article by T.M. Lurhrman, a contributing reporter for the New York Times who I follow as she brings to light news on the dynamic intersection of religion and psychology. Great image above is from the article and created by Adam Maida!

She tackles this issue in this story from which I am quoting her point of view with edited excerpts to give you a flavor of the message. Below is the link if you wish to read it.

Spoiler Question. I have hand such experiences noted below – have you? If yes, I want to hear about it!

Her headline: Faith versus Facts. She states ‘Most of us find it mind-boggling that some people seem willing to ignore the facts — on climate change, on vaccines, on health care — if the facts conflict with their sense of what someone like them believes. “But those are the facts,” you want to say. “It seems weird to deny them.”

And yet a broad group of scholars is beginning to demonstrate that religious belief and factual belief are indeed different kinds of mental creatures. People process evidence differently when they think with a factual mind-set rather than with a religious mind-set. Even what they count as evidence is different. And they are motivated differently, based on what they conclude. On what grounds do scholars make such claim.

1.  Of all they have noticed that the very language people use changes when they talk about religious beings, and the changes mean that they think about their realness differently. 

2. These scholars have remarked that when people consider the truth of a religious belief, what the belief does for their lives matters more than, well, the facts. We evaluate factual beliefs often with perceptual evidence.

3. These scholars have found that religious and factual beliefs play different roles in interpreting the same events. Religious beliefs explain why, rather than how. 

To read more go to Facts Versus Faith link here.

Good News Monday: Faith Versus Facts Trigger Vast Differences   is Part 1 of a two-part series. Please come back tomorrow to understand how balancing a life filled with facts with a life full of faith can open up tremendous opportunities to live and enjoy life on another level.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


P.S. Credits for the fascinating image go to  Adam Maida.


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