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Good News Monday: Are You Grocery Bagging Your Intentions?


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Are You Grocery Bagging Your Intentions? This is a curious question that has layers of implications. Spanista often shares beliefs about the Power of Intention.

This message is seeded and solidified as a personal value by the very unique point of view created by Dr. Dennis Whitley who is the author of many books addressing the power we have within to take charge of our Emotional Wellness.  His writing encourages us to go with in to tap the ability we all possess to rise above what appears before us, to look at life at the very highest vantage point possible. This in turn helps us see differently. To gain perspective that allows us to live not as a victim of circumstances but with intention of purpose. So we realize what we project to be will indeed be. It’s about what context we allow to shape our intentions – A positive context that nurtures us and helps us be the best we can be or a negative context that dilutes us and triggering us to be the worse we can be. Focusing on our intentions takes them from the subconscious to the conscious so that we can direct them with spirit.

For example, in the feature ‘Well’ by Gretchen Reynolds that appeared in Sunday’s NY Times Magazine a very basic provocative question is posed in ‘Carried Away’, ‘ Can the bags we carry our groceries home in affect our waistlines?’

The answer? People generally bought more organic produce when they brought their own bags. Wonderful right? But here is the catch. If they brought their own green bags from home voluntarily they appeared to have a tendency to feel righteous enough to then buy sweet treats too, adding in cookies and candies as well. Really? Really!

A study published last month in the Journal of Marketing offers this insight based upon shopper data analyzed from a large California grocery store by Uma Karmarkar assistant professor at Harvard Business School and Bryan Bollinger of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business.









GoodNews Monday: Are You Grocery Bagging Your Intentions? Spansita wonders if perhaps our best intentions can be to shop smarter so we eat better to ensure our health, but as the world dishes out complexes stresses to deal with we feel the need to indulge to care for our weary souls? Therefore, our intentions toward Self Care can become marginalized with out us even realizing it. So now that we know this tendency we can take steps to be mindful of the derailing behaviors.

Spanista asks us to revisit stress coping mechanisms. Before we head to the grocery store with green bag in hand take a moment while driving to Whole Foods to check in on your stress level before you go into the store to set your mind right before shopping. if we finds yourself coping by reaching for sweets you will make a conscious choice to indulge or not.  If you say yes – this maybe a signal to check in with your body there maybe a greater need to cope or relieve your body through massage which yields a better result.

Here is the insight, Ms. Reynolds states the study indicated that IF WE ARE REQUIRED BY THE STORE to bring a green bag from home, we DO BUY more green organic foods BUT DO NOT STEP OVER the indulgent line. But she the study does not offer us “the why”. Perhaps knowing this can help us set the right intention. BTW, full disclosure I am a Green Bag advocate. I see majority of people using them in Europe and Australia but not here. To learn more go to

Do you think this case can motivate us to stay in line? What do you think?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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