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Good News Monday: Abundance Reaches Needy Globally


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Good News Monday: Abundance Reaches Needy Globally, lifts my wellbeing factor. Why? Because it is a by-product of the pursuit of abundance. The global effect of a positive economy is helping people out of poverty. Now that is good news that needs to be shared. This brings us happiness if we see it through the right lens.

Pictured here is an insightful opinion article written by Arthur C. Brooks in the NY Times Sunday Review Section titled “Abundance Without Attachment”. It explores the age-old issue around the level of commercialism of the holiday’s – in particular Christmas with its custom of gift giving which entails materialist focus on having it all. Happily he shares its silver lining.

For Wellness Seekers, the 3 lessons Mr. Brooks shares from his visit with a Swami offers valuable thinking for viewing Abundance through a lens of living a happy life. At this time of year especially, Wellness Seekers hunger for Peace of Heart that can prove illusive with the many distractions the season can render – much of it focuses of shopping and indulging and spending. We may stop to wonder as we hand over the credit card yet another time, is this what it is really all about?

Mr. Brooks explores the conundrum – Is seeking economic prosperity and abundance a worthy pursuit or not in life to be happy?  To answer this question, he travels to India and seeks the wisdom of a highly regarded Swami. Much to his surprise he discovers that Abundance can have a positive effect on an individual level as long as we do not attach ourselves to materialism so it becomes the center of our lives. The Swami points out Abundance can be a good thing. For example, when positive economic influence extends globally  – reaching many remotes parts of the world as technology has connected us for the better, the proportion of people in the world living on less than $1 a day or less has shrunk by 80% in our lifetime. Of course this is good news!

When you have a moment, read the article and reflect on it via this link: NY Times Sunday Review Section, titled “Abundance Without Attachment”, by Arthur C. Brooks. The 3 lessons you will learn maybe worth the time to help you live a happier life now and in all of 2015. Would love to hear your thoughts too.

Spanista Takeaway: Abundance – Spanista believes there is more than enough for everyone – spirit offers an endless source. Abundance is about more than financial wellbeing – it is about how we view other important aspects of life too – Are we rich in relationships, rich in our appreciation of arts and the world, rich in understanding our talents and  rich in sharing what we have with others? Abundance is to be generous of spirit and forgiving cherishing peace and goodness.

As we move thought the final days of the season – remember, the good news is Abundance has the ability to raise the wellbeing of others. And we did not have to go to India to discover it thanks to Mr. Brooks.

May Your Self Care Journey To Joy Be Merry & Bright,


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