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Friday Wellness Tip: Tip Your Hat to Stylish Summer Sun Care

Woman wearing a hat on the beachPINIMAGE

Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Tip Your Hat to Stylish Summer Sun Care as a great way to indulge in the sea, salt, sun and sand while looking after yourself.

Spanista loves the stylish natural nature of summer hats select designers have launched this season. If you want an emotional lift while at the pool, at a garden party, or while strolling the beach just don a new hat this summer. Preferable a wider brim style. The brim is fashionable and functional. It is an important Self Care Practice at any age to VALUE you skin and hair. Once they are damaged there a little that can be done to repair them without spending well earned money for treatments that may not work. Frankly I would rather put that money to other good uses.

Wearing a well constructed hat has unique emotional advantages:

1. Weather man or woman, a stylish wide brim hat and the right sunglasses will make you look like a movie star – mysterious and glamourous.

2. You will feel different – just the act of putting a certain hat on can set an “attitude” – depending upon the style you will be walking, talking and presenting yourself with an air of worldly confidence and  the image you feel like projecting. For example when I want to feel spa chic – I turn to a boho inspired wide brim hat. See this summer’s pic by by Alessandra Makina below.

3. You will stand out from the masses projecting a signature style that attracts oddles of compliments. It never fails – the opposite sex loves the the way a hat expresses a daring personality.

Last but not least, a wonderful hat will help protect your hair and skin on the beach as sun rays can be so damaging. A tip I found in is if your blonde hair goes a bit green due to chlorine, the old trick of shampooing it in tomato sauce works to take the tinge away. This is an invaluable tip I never heard before. Also the great photo of the gal above came from Dailymail – credit goes to Alamay.

Friday Wellness-Tip:-Tip-Your-Hat-to-Stylish-Summer-Sun-Care-1.jpegPINIMAGEFriday Wellness-Tip:-Tip-Your-Hat-to-Stylish-Summer-Sun-Care.jpegPINIMAGE


Friday Wellness Tip: Tip Your Hat to Stylish Summer Sun Care is a Spansita love note to you to encourage you to adopt Hattitude! I have come to love hats so much I collect them now. I was so pleased to find these feature in Coastal Magazine while waiting patiently for a doctors appoint. It reminded me to check my inventory to see if I need a fresh pick to add to the eclectic mix. In this editorial spread I find two particularly attractive and reflective of Spa Chic Style.

~ Ale By Alessandra Makina Hat found at

~ Mar Y Sol Sienna Hat in coral found at

From Spanista to you – enjoy all the days of summer and let us know if you have a hat fettish too.

To Your Self Care Journey Yo Joy,


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