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Friday Wellness Tip: Throw Knockout Kentucky Derby Party


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Throw Knockout Kentucky Derby Party is the a fun way to escape from the madness of the everyday routine. This once a year event is a wonderful excuse to indulge in some southern charm while taking advantage of the 141st Kentucky Derby’s special brand of excitement. The Derby traditions run deep. This is a fun way to pull some of your favorite people together for a late Saturday afternoon Spring Soiree that celebrates the most original roots of this wonderful place in our country. My roots reveal a great uncle was a jockey and ran in the Derby years ago – it has always been a time for our family to salute him in a classy yet casual sort of way. I have also attended the Melbourne Cup in Australia which harkens to its own traditions heavily influenced by its English heritage. It runs over days of events leading up to it. So Spanista loves throwing these kinds of parties because they engage everyone around an exciting theme that brings southern fun, fashion, food and fantastic sport together. Especially love the hats!

Why not enjoy this Saturday surrounded in country bluegrass ways? Here is Spanista’s 5 Easy Home Derby Party Steps:

1. Set the timing around the running of the race which is late afternoon – check your local TV listings but usually around 6 pm EST.

2. Make it casual but tell everyone they must come wearing a creatively adorned hat that aligns with the Derby tradition. Perhaps you can give who is voted the best hat, a bottle of fine Kentucky Burbon Black Label?

3. Fix a simple but traditional Derby menu. I found the perfect one online at Garden & Magazine. They are the best source because after all, they are ‘The Soul of the South’.  This includes: Southern sweet pecans, mint juleps,  ham sweet biscuit sandwiches and green beans almandine. But save desert to commiserate the winners and losers after the race.

4. Pick your favorite horse to bet on and enjoy the pre race full of anticipation as well as the race. Half the fun is the anticipation of race time so have your big screen TV on in the background and engage in watching fashion and the foles. They make for great conversation topics.

5. Enjoy Southern Style desert after the race as well as post race cocktails. Make sure there is some great rock music of the south on right after the race. Maybe someone in your party group already has a great playlist for your i Pod doc.

For more inspiration go to Garden & and search Kentucky Derby. These beautiful picture are by this wonderful Garden & Gun photographer – Haskell Harris posted online on  in several artcile. My favorite is – “Throw A Knockout Kentucky Derby Party” by Haskell Harris which inspired this blog.

You can find their favored desert in the luscious article.

Friday Wellness Tip: Throw Knockout Kentucky Derby Party is about being spontaneous! This is a wonderful and memorable self care experience to share with your favorite people. Spanista wants you to enjoy the fun  and the race.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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