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Friday Wellness Tip: Step Up, Speak Up, Don’t Wait

Friday-Wellness-Tip:-Step-Up,-Speak-Up,-DonPINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Step Up, Speak Up, Don’t Wait is a theme near and dear to Spanista’s heart. It is strikes at the core of Self Care – that is putting your self first is a smart, sophisticated way to live boldly but yet quietly confident at the same time. Adopting this point of view will enhance the quality of your overall life.

May I share a story that taught me an invaluable lesson? I am a lucky lady to find myself in a career I love – the perfect blend of fashion, marketing and retail. Now adding wellness to the mix. Because this world is so dynamic, there are plenty of opportunities to ladder up. While doors opened for me, it was not with out applying my talents, hard work, delivering results and building a broad network of connections. Over the years I progressed step by step at a regular pace, moving from entry level work through necessary levels, on to securing a top executive position in a global marketing conglomerate on Madison Avenue. I had landed corner office suite in a super high rise in Midtown Manhattan.

However this path was not straight line. And it held moments when I felt stuck. As I look back to reflect on these moments there was a common pattern of distress that emerged. Emotionally I felt frustrated. This would eventually manifest in a physical symptom – I would get laryngitis. Every time!  It took a chance experience with an expert understanding of body chakras to offer me insight as to why I was my body responded this way.  I was holding back my beliefs about the situation. stifling myself out of fear.

It came down to one simple thing – I was not stepping up or speaking up for myself! I was suppressing my feelings about my current career situation and what I deserved in spite of my positive performance and contributions to the company. I defaulted to thinking my positive work should be evident to the decision makers. But in reality, contributions are not seen by many bosses- especially in today’s ‘me first’ environment.

Ladies and Gentleman – You have to be your own advocate! You can do it with emotional intelligence. That means two things: 1.) You need to make your Self Care of paramount importance so you feel strong of heart, body and spirit, as this will make you feel valuable and emotionally fit; and 2) You must take stock of your situation regularly to mange your career needs in relationship to your overall mission in life. If you are not fulfilling your higher calling you will find yourself less tolerant of your co workers and your environment. That can bring on stress and blocks in your body that needs relief.  If these blocks are not dealt with they will surface in the ways of ailments – sometimes acute and sometimes chronic – heaven forbid. Ala my laryngitis.

In addition, there is another career blocker. If I heard once I heard it a thousand times – Women are more apt to put others ahead of themselves. Perhaps it is imbedded in us as the gender who bears children biologically. The nurturing factor that carries forward – As we see our female role models act this way from the time we come into this world.  Perhaps we learn from observing them – after all actions speak louder than words. When this is unfolds in the work world.

To offer support Spanista is sharing an article that takes on this topic head on – “Why Smart Women Get Stuck at Work” published by Business Insider. I highly recommend it as a read if you are serious about making the most of your career trajectory. Here is the link:

Friday Wellness Tip: Step Up, Speak Up, Don’t Wait. This is a powerful way to enhance your overall wellbeing.  Spanista thinks it is about setting positive expectations for your lifes’ journey and then taking care of your emotional wellbeing as you walk through work and life. If you work on your inner voice and your emotional fitness as much as you work on your body’s physical fitness you will be able step up and speak up to climb the career ladder because:

1. We will come to our work experience fully nurtured and well.

2. Not feeling cheated of anything with no envy on our hearts.

That is why I love this great photo of Reece Witherspoon in a recent issue of In Style Magazine. Here quote is so relevant to women today that is why I wanted to share it here.

I encourage women to step up. Don’t wait for somebody to ask you.

Reece Witherspoon

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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