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Friday Wellness Tip: Plan An Adventure Spanista Style

 Friday Wellness Tip: Plan An Adventure Spanista StylePINIMAGEDear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Plan An Adventure Spanista Style is about planting the seed to step out of your comfort zone as we approach the last official days of summer by planning a strange adventure.

The joys of this hit home with me after making a humanitarian holiday trip to Ghana, Africa to build AbodShelters housing a part of a team with our Foundation and an NGO Kingdom Cares International. It was a last-minute invitation to me AND a last-minute decision to go to this unknown place. Honestly I turned inward for guidance and the answer came. My heart yearned to put my talents to work for needy children and families in more ways than I already do, in a land far away. Having taken the strange adventure, I know it was the right thing to do for them and for me.

As an Adventure Seeker, Spanista has traveled many places with many more destinations to go to on the list. I continue to find it is such a big wonderful world to explore with good people to meet everywhere. Spanista believes Adventure Self Care is an essential to a joyful life – the benefits are multi faceted but what I have come to value the most is this: As you explore the world, you explore yourself – Who you are on the inside emerges as you relate to new people and experiences. Think of it being a diamond in the rough. With each adventure a new facet of who you are emerges. You become more dimensional. Overtime the facets unfold -shinning with light to reveal a beautiful gem from valuable  rough matter. Therefore you return from adventures a stronger version of yourself especially if you set out on a mission to give back.

Friday Wellness Tip: Plan An Adventure Spanista Style loves theFriday-Wellness-Tip:-Plan-An-Adventure-Spanista-Style-2.jpegPINIMAGE inspiring artful script canvas from Joss & pictured here.  It speaks to Spanista with reminders of the real joyful treasures. For a limited time you can get your choice of many insightful graphic canvases at the Artful Expressions Event but it ends tonight so check it out. Spanista loves relevant and inspiring word wall art and so much more too.

Think about the last weekend of Summer – Life is for long kisses, and strange adventure  – what strange adventure will you embark upon?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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