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Friday Wellness Tip: Cultivate Friendships For A Healthy Heart


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Cultivate Friendships for a Healthy Heart is based upon several studies that point to the importance of having a solid  social circle to improve your heart’s physical wellbeing. And another new study reported by The Atlantic Magazine adds to the body of research connecting social isolation with cardiovascular risk by highlighting key findings as reported by senior associate editor of its health channel, Julie Beck.
With such growing evidence Spanista wonders how could something this significant be ignored? One of the key factors to the importance of friends in our lives is the ability to help us reduce our stress levels. Stress as we have read has been attributed to increases of cortisol ‘ the stress hormone’. It generates increases in bad fats that collect in our bodies – especially around our organs plus other negative effects. One has to balance the body with relaxation in order to normalize the hormone activity. That is why extended stress strains your heart. With our mindful self care you can cause heart damage.
Spanista wants to help our fans by making all aware that February is American Heart Month. Celebrating the heart as the symbol of love is most aligned with Valentine’s Day. But this should mean more to us because this is the right to show yourself the love your deserve by caring for the most important organ of our body. American Hearth Month is focused on the Self Care and preventing Heart Disease – the physical heart care but in true Spanista fashion, I suggest to balance that with emotional heart care as well because as we feel and think so goes our bodies not the other way around as conventional wisdom guides us. Frankly, Spanista believes a healthy heart starts with emotional self care – the rest follows if you set the right intentions.
Here is the Spanista Top 5 Self Care Practices for Preventing Heart Disease:
1. Eat a healthy diet rich in colorful foods that grow from the earth.
2. Reduce stress blocks and increase blood flow with monthly massages.
3. Take regular Reflection Walks to connect to nature and enhance your outlook. Relax in a long bath after when possible.
4. Take time to set the intention for a joyful day, give generously, the rest will fall into place to your benefit.
5. Devote time to nurturing friendships at least once a week – share life, feelings and give love to those you cherish on life’s journey and it will return to a health heart and wellbeing. Do it live if possible – texting does not count.
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Friday Wellness Tip: Cultivate Friendships for a Healthy Heart inspires Spanista to offer the most important way to care for your heart:
‘Learn to love yourself first, so you can learn how to love someone else well.’

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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