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Friday Wellness Tip: Focus on Quality Experiences


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Focus on Quality Experiences is Spanista’s suggestion to take the opportunity over Labor Day Weekend to re-evaluate how our time is being spent, with whom and why. For many the start of the school year can offer a new list of expectations that change everything. For example, personal calendars are full of new activities that spin around the kids, your work life is kicking into high gear for the second half of the year and summer has left you with residual commitments.
Spanista feels now is the time to step back and assess  the situation. Be proactive to be assured that you stage your new routine without sacrificing your needs and joy.  First take some quiet time – one hour will do. Find a serene place like a public garden or park. My favorite is Kauffman Memorial Garden that is pictured here.  This Orchid House is quite and cool and triggers reflection mode immediately upon entering it. Find a spot where you will not be distracted to draw a four box grid to complete this exercise:
1. Left Top Box: Where is you time going now with summer tasks, new expectations for family and work now.
2. Left Bottom Box: Your needs now and requirements to feel joy. Prioritize them to identify the top three.
3. Bottom Right Box: Re stage your life based upon quality of life experiences as they align best with priorities in Left Bottom Box.
4. Top Right Box: Now RE-STAGE YOUR LIFE based upon what you have discovered through your exercise based the fact that you do not want to feel like a victim of circumstances after 6 months but clearly happy about how you have managed your Self Care successfully while focusing on the quality of experiences you have honored with others. Sort out the quality of other tasks with your family. Some are not necessary at all. They are just time fillers. Teach your kinds how valuable you are – your time and it will teach them loads in return.Friday-Wellness-Tip:-Focus-On-Quality-Experiences-1.jpegPINIMAGEFriday-Wellness-Tip:-Focus-On-Quality-Experiences-3.jpegPINIMAGE
True joy lies not in the quantity but in the quality of life experiences. Engaging in too many activities—even fun activities—may leave you feeling drained. Self-Care is deeply nourished yourself by doing a few things with great love and attention.

For Spanista, I begin my day in thoughtful discernment, setting aside, without guilt, any nonessential tasks. By focusing on what really matters I make more heartfelt connections with others. I notice the beauty of my surroundings. I savor my meals. Rather than rushing through an endless list of activities, I focus on each moment of my precious existence.

Friday Wellness Tip: Focus on Quality Experiences is about focusing on proactively managing your Self Care. Focusing on the quality of life’s experiences becomes a habit as you consciously practice doing less and paying more attention. I am aware of the beauty of life in every moment of the day, leaving loads of unneccessary stress behind. It really works! Let me know what happens if you give it a try! Love to hear your story.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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