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Friday Wellness Tip: Art Museum Weekend Escape Dali Museum St Petersburg


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Friday Wellness Tip: Art Museum Weekend Escape Dali Museum St Petersburg hopes to inspire you to actWith winter’s intensity prolonging everywhere in the country (only Florida has not seen actual snow but it is plenty chilly here today) is can begin to affect how we feel. Even the strongest Spanista can struggle to hold onto emotional wellbeing when facing day-to-day struggles that winter sends us.

Spanista suggests breaking with your normal routine or your desire to stay in by taking a day trip to your local Art Museum. I will illustrate though my Museum Day at The Dali. The delight of planning a full agenda can be of five varieties:

1.) Immerse yourself into beautiful visual stimulus by way of curated collections of master works and life artifacts – explore the life of the artists in the collection as it can enrich understanding the work, culture, period in history. Adopt a work that emotionally connects.


2.) Take advantage of Docent Tours or headsets that will help you escape into the exhibits that are featured by the museum curators. You will be transported into another world. Buy a book before you enter – have lunch and do some exploring so when you see the works you can make them in the book and revisit the experience.


3.) Focus on the Architecture of the structure, new or old – explore the designer’s background. Many have gardens which can take on a stunning character in winter if you wish to stroll in it.


4.) Plan a light  meal at The Cafe – the atmosphere is a bit like being in Paris Cafe Culture for a while as you see very interesting types of people collecting there like well-traveled internationals and/ or creative souls who want to absorb the positive energy. Can you see the big Dali mustache in the garden through the windows? Let me know if you found it.


5.) Unique Shops are full of fantastic treasures from jewelry, home decor, art books, to creative tools and mindful toys that focus on artistic to beautiful art pieces you can take home to enhance your environment.


Friday Wellness Tip: Art Museum Weekend Escape Dali Museum St Petersburg is a simple tip for your Spanista Self Care. Visiting the Dali Museum reminded of what a total experience like this can do for spirit and soul. It can uplift, inspire and fill you up with joy. A joy that last and hovers about the typical fleeting joy of some quick hits like eating a great meal – enjoy for the moment but soon forgotten. And bring you closer to those you do it with, if you choose to share the experience with loved one. The pics I share here are examples of the five delights to plan around to fill your day.

If you do make a Wellness Museum Day Trip  – please do share it with us, won’t you?

Have a great weekend and do stay warm.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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