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Fresh Kitchen SoHo District’s Healthy & Heavenly Bowl Full


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Fresh Kitchen SoHo District’s Healthy & Heavenly Bowl Full of deliciousness has become a very popular eatery for those seeking wiser alternatives to conventional restaurants. Spanista loves the focus on living a healthy lifestyle in South Tampa. Perhaps it is because the locals love to be active outdoors as the plentiful good weather and water lifestyle offers playtime year round, or perhaps it is the influence of major leagues sports whose athletes range from hockey, to baseball, to football, to soccer – all residing in or close proximity of SoHo. These athletes need to be lean and mean and properly fueled. No matter the reason everyone seems to seek access to better food choices using organic ingredients that are prepared cleanly.

Fresh Kitchen, (FK) the brain child of James Lanza tapped this market a few years ago with its concept of protein bowls offered at Ciccio’s/Water also in So Ho. This concept restaurant brought together the California Fare trend in healthy eating and the need for protein infusions for people really into intense weight training and work outs – Those who desire high energy natural fuel in the right combinations. This innovation was born out of need as Mr. Lanza is a serious weight lifter who after moving to Tampa from New York City, could not find the type of meals he needed to sustain his dedicated fitness lifestyle. So he took it upon himself to fill the gap as he recognized others in South Tampa wanted the same thing. In spite of the fact this style of protein bowls are created for a specific type of person, the word soon spread to a wider audience who came love the flavorful combinations and their health benefits even if they were not into heavy weight training. Fresh Kitchen is successfully serving focused fast fresh food, juices and snacks for brunch lunch and dinner. (The early morning are reserved for intense workouts.)

James Lanza, owner of Ciccio’s Restaurant Group, created a hugely popular concept that appeals to all ages and all types of people but what maybe most satisfying is he is supporting a community of people that are passionate about training to feel and look fit. Not to mention that Mr. Lanza and his talented staff have crafted very tasty combinations. Plus, if you feel adventuresome or are particular about tastes, you can create your own. He also carries juice blends that are energy boosters and protein infusions. Everything here is curated with an informed experienced eye toward the fitness minded. Mr. Lanza has the magic touch when it comes to providing us with several appealing eatery concepts up and down South Howard – The Lodge, Green Lemon, Daily Eats, along with Ciccio’s Cali/Water and now Fresh Kitchen. A great collection of casual and yummy eating and drinking establishments all within walking distance for a great night of street crawling.

Spanista Takeaway: Fresh Kitchen SoHo District’s Healthy & Heavenly Bowl Full is a powerful little concept that could go national. Spanista Lifestyle agrees this approach to eating improves the quality of life overall. You just feel better after eating a FK bowl. Fortunately for Spanista we live just a short walk away from Fresh Kitchen. It’s a gem in Tampa healthy eating.  It is designed to offer takeaway and delivery – Love the FK Smart Car as it is so right for our neighborhoods. If you want to give this healthy alternative a try reach out and ask anyone you know who is into weight training – odds are they will know where protein bowls are offered in your town. This tight knit group is in the know when it comes to healthy eating. Trust me, this is healthy eating taken to the next level – if bowls are prepared right they are so flavorful, filling  you could become addicted in a good way. I know I am as Spanista’s favorite is the Piranha – guilt free.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,




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