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Flowering Tea Benefits Is Spanista Happy Friday Wellness Tip

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For TeaPINIMAGE

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For Tea

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For TeaPINIMAGE

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For Tea

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For TeaPINIMAGE

First Cold Snap Means Spanista Takes Time For Tea


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Flowering Tea Benefits Is Spanista Happy Friday Wellness Tip, a Self Care Ritual I adore is found in the Journey to Flowering Tea. It is a joy to share its holistic virtues as the first cold snap calls for change of pace to align with change in weather.

It was in Australia while nestled in the Sofitel Hotel in the heart of vibrant Melbourne that I had my first flowering tea experience in the ancient Asian tradition. I was totally captivated much to the dismay of my client who was trying very hard to capture my attention with clever repartee about a recent trip he just had to made New Zealand. Now that is no reflection on New Zealand, as those who have visited this magical island, know it’s captivating landscape – emerald green rolling hills, snow-covered mountains, clear flowing rivers all surrounded by the miles of coastline are world-class. It had everything to do with the unfolding of Flowering Tea that rendered me speechless. It is such a beautiful experience that I feel irreverent to natures art if I speak while the dormant flower comes to life in the steaming water.

From that moment on it was my quest to make this simple and fascinating flowering tea experience a Ritual in my life. As a true romantic, my Spanista Self Care Ritual also includes Debussy’s clair de lune streaming through my head as I reflect on this blessing of nature.

Pictured here is Dragon Lily Tea Buds by Numi Teas.  A feature in my private collection. You can see three actual hand shaped flower buds to the left in the pic above in sage green. The story behind Flowering Tea is fascinating. Each bud is hand created by very skilled tea lovers with hundreds of select tea leaves that are held together by tread while a flower bud is imbedded in the middle. There is a provenance video called Journey to Flowering Tea on that is worth seeing to understand this rare artisan cultural craft. The tea is grown deep in rural Chinese Mountianscape rain Forrest and jungle by multi generational tea growers. Harvest is from April to October – so it is almost over for this year. Numi Teas hand picks the growers and the teas to meet ver rigorous standards – organic and fair trade in part of their mission.

Spanista Self Care Ritual favors Teas warm or cool for their health properties – especially the green family. A Flowering Tea Ritual lends itself to a special afternoon break that allows one to stop and enjoy the beauty in life . Take a time out – Walk away from technology and check in with your emotional state of mind.  Adding a treat like fine chocolate can help you savour the moment and improve your concentration. I especially Sander’s Milk Chocolate Pecan Delights from Fresh Market. Depending upon the time of day I select a serving piece that suites the mood. Being it is late in a busy day I opt for a chic martini glass as it has a more sensuous feeling than a favorite tea-cup from my collection. It is Friday after all. Preparing a stylish presentation enhances the joy of the moment.

This Ritual is easy to prepare and enjoy and it bring such pleasure. Romantic bliss begins.

Do you have a favorite tea time ritual? Do share it with us!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


P.S. Join me next week, when I will continue sharing stories about Spanista California Wine Country Experience.


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