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Las Vegas Cuisine New Chart House Tranquility Personified


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Las Vegas Cuisine New Chart House Tranquility Personified is such a pleasant surprise, I just had to share it.  For foodies Las Vegas is in a class by itself with every notable Chef claiming their place in the culinary landscape.

This particular evening after a day of traveling and getting settled in the hotel, I am looking forward to relaxing with a dear friend over dinner.  This is someone I established a professional relationship over the years. We are meeting to celebrate the beginning of a new year and our partnership to advance our humanitarian work. He is a prince of a guy with a generous heart. I am blessed to know him. He came to Las Vegas to join me in a meeting with a high-profile celebrity and agent. I staged this meeting so I was anxious for us to advance the dialogue. This celebrity could be a big help to us with increasing awareness of our global humanitarian efforts for  ‘The AbodShelters Village of the Future’.

I discovered the Chart House when checking into the Golden Nugget Hotel at the new Rush Tower. Just below the bar pictured here, is the ground floor lobby where there is sleek desks that wraps the 75,000 gallon aquarium. It is surly the centerpiece. Just a few steps to the right is the entrance to the Chart House. A special place you are immediately draw too.

Gorgeous fresh orchids arrangements bigger than life flooded fragrance into the open air. Delicate orchids are a Spanista favorite. Every seat in this magical restaurant faces the aquarium. Once at your table you are surrounded and lost in an underwater world. You feel a rush of calm that settles into pure tranquility before the appetizer arrives.


As we chatted through dinner, planning our strategy for the morning meeting which would be at the Wynn Encore Hotel, we enjoyed fantastic cuisine. It started with a serious adult cocktail, then moved into our first course which was to die for calamari. Now as a seafood lover who has enjoyed some of the finest in the world, especially in Australia and Asia, this rivaled the top end. Next we enjoyed their signature dish – sea bass prepared Asian style – OMG. Now this is the VERY BEST sea bass I have ever enjoyed!

The menu does have a variety of offerings – but Master Chef Mina really does celebrate seafood sensationally if you are so inclined like I am. Wine list is exceptional too. Try to leave room for the Hot Chocolate Lava Soufle. (I was too full for it.) I was so into watching the fish I forgot to take pics of the food presentation ( so sorry) which is something you will juts have to imagine. BTW – Open Table’s rating is 4.5 stars.

By now we have a plan for the celebrity meeting, exceptionally creative given the atmosphere and talk moved onto the potential of meeting more like-minded companies who can help us at my appearance at The International Builders Show the next few days.

In other words, Las Vegas Cuisine New Chart House Tranquility Personified translates to – I did not want to leave this lovely dinning experience. I wanted to simply make the booth my resting place for the night -it was sooooo tranquil.

Hope you enjoyed this Spanista Travel Diary foodie experience. Tomorrow you will visit the Wynn Encore Hotel with me.

To Your Self Care Journey to Joy,


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