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Create In Me A Pure Heart


Dear Wellness Seekers,

Create In Me A Pure Heart is the right message at the right time. This summer I find myself amidst some very inspiring new people who are taking me to new places. It is funny how the universe brings you opportunities that can rock your world.

With this come travel and interaction time to explore what new connections can mean and potentially develop into that can make a positive difference in the world.

While gathering in a local grinder coffee shop that was new to me I saw this piece a hand crafted artistry with a thought-provoking bible verse – At that moment the message called out to me.

Create In Me A Pure Heart      Psalm 51:10

While this new group of individuals sat in the round chatting about new innovative opportunities I could not help but reflect on its meaning as it relates to Self Care. Here is the insight suddenly that scrolled across my heart.

Clear your heart so you focused and able to:

1. Honor new acquaintances by being gentle and kind.

2. Express true interest in who they are, their story, their point of view.

3. Be open to the greatness in others dreams while helping them if they ask.

This is what I practiced for the rest of the day and it took my interactions to the next level with all the new wonderful people – who not I call friends. Paying it forward by helping will enhance your good karma and something good will come back to you.

Create In Me A Pure Heart is a message with real life impact. If we are alert The Art of Self Care signals are all around us – slow down and observe the setting you are in where ever you are. It can enhance any situation for the better.

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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