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Baseball Playoffs Rock Kansas City Royals Over Houston Astros



Dear Wellness Seekers,

Baseball Playoffs Rock Kansas City Royals Over Houston Astros makes Autumn even more exciting. I LOVE baseball and it has been some time since one of my favorite teams have been rock stars – New York dominated the sport for so long. Last night the Royal won the critical last game with Houston – 7 to 2. And showed their strength as a team.

Here is this week’s Spa Enthusiast Story – I was flying into Kansas City yesterday via Delta with loads of Kansas City Royals media and fans on the plane. It was non but the excitement was electric. The beautiful color of Royal Blue fashion was sprinkled throughout the airplane. There are Royals fans all over the country as they grow up in this city but eventually venture out east and west, north and south to follow their career paths. Funny I have learned that many find their way back because they never give up their allegiance to the sports teams they grew up with. Some eventually return to raise families here. It is a great quality of life.


Baseball Playoffs Rock Kansas City Royals Over Houston Astros is worthy of following as they proceed to the next level.For example – Speaking of splashing the colors of royalty – Take a look at the City of Fountain’s as Kansas City is known. Every fountain (and there are many in the city) is spewing blue waters of the Royals. They do is during playoff season to show the unity and support. Playoff T Shirts are being sold on every street corner. It’s really fun to be here at this time of year.

As the Royals advance Spanista wishes them the 2015 Baseball Pennant!

Spanista Loves Royal Blue Fountains. So Festive! Go Royals!

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,


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