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5 Favorite Indulgences Ferry Building Marketplace San Fran


Dear Wellness Seekers,

5 Favorite Indulgences Ferry Building Marketplace San Fran offers delights that are local, seasonal and sustainable in a vibrant gathering place – the historic Pier 1 Ferry Building. Music to my ears. One thing I do love about Northern California culture is the commitment to support local independently owned farmers who are passionate about producing world-class food and wine as well as great products that spawn from their efforts.

With farming as part of my heritage, I respect the renewed commitment to traditional farming practices.

Yesterday, I shared the Spanista Top 10 Things to Love About Fisherman’s Wharf with a teaser about #10. Why? Because this special place deserves a post of its own. Even though it is #10 it punches well above its weight for a Spanista Travel Diary, Self Care Shopping excursion that awakens the senses, stimulates the appetite and inspires curiosity.

Perhaps you have heard of Ferry Building Marketplace? Perhaps you have visited it. If not, you will not want to miss it on your next trip to San Francisco. It is a discovery of one of a kind local artisans with successful stories. Each has shaped a different approach to developing product experiences. Deftly curated with an eye for local quality brands, it is a quirky collection that appeals to all the senses. You will find your typical fast pace slows down as you meander from artisan to artisan. There is so much to appreciate in the loving details of their products and displays, time will pass quickly so plan plenty of it for your visit. Perhaps visit with lunch, tea time or dinner in mind as the restaurants are indeed one of a kind and sumptuous.  In the evening the atmosphere changes even more. Note that weekends can be extraordinarily busy especially if the weather is outstanding as it was for us. Northern California is having a spectacular autumn – we have been extremely luck to enjoy it fully.

While it is all full of fun, The Spanista 5 Favorite Indulgences Ferry Building Marketplace are:


1. Tea Time at Imperial Tea Court is a wonderful place to experience quality tea with old world tea traditions.


2. Mushrooms at Far West Fungi is overwhelming with variety even for the well versed fungi lover.


3. Cowgirl Creamery Artisan Cheese Shop competes well world-class cheeses and boasts flavorful specialities.


4. McEvoy Ranch Olive Oil is a Self Care delight for Spanista. Olive oil holds tremendous power to mend our bodies.


5. Gott’s Roadside Tray Gourmet has so much to savor not to mention a great place for a special snack.



While this list of favorites is personal, know that there is much, much more to discovery that you my like more. Of course one  requires replenishment on a shoppers excursion so to extend this journey to joy Spansita has two suggestions:

~ Try BouliBar as it features boletes larders new bar and dinning room with wood burning hearth. Relaxing, chic with good eats. Find it on

~  To create coffee envy back home pick up a package of Blue Bottle Coffee beans to grind at home over the holidays – it5-Favorite-Indulgences-Ferry-Blue-Bottle.jpegPINIMAGEwill be a great way to remember Ferry Building Marketplace while sharing it with friends who are coffee lovers and may not have tasted it yet. It is all the rage in the Bay area – on the weekends people stand in long lines to get it.

Spanista Take Away: Practicing Self Care can include shopping for simple everyday indulgences that are enhanced by the quality of the experience – so where you shop can mean everything – helping you feel worth it. Here is how – What did you learn along the way – did you make a discovery? Explore a new taste that can  become part of a new recipe? Or find a natural body cream with a scent to die for? These are the pluses of shopping at independent  shops that add to the journey to joy. And give you great stories to share too.

Have you tried a local artisan shop that has become one of your favorites?

To Your Self Care Journey To Joy,



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